Not by Bread Alone

King James Bible Online

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It is an amazing free site, that begins with the KJV and lists alternate translations, comments, facts, and everything you might wish to ask. I am amazed at the ease of this resource to the present day inquirer/believer. I found it while searching for the Lenten Scripture of the three temptations of Christ. Wow! Seek and ye shall find, but who knew how much and how rich it would be?

I found this because I had resolved to give up some of “my” precious time each morning to think on things holy. I had just written yesterday how the internet was “the maw of opportunity–the offer of everything, without limits.” and how that compared to the tempation in the wilderness, to have everything in the world, if one would separate himself from God and worship all that was un-God.

Today I had hit upon “Man shall not live by bread alone,” and I wanted to know what the end of that verse was. It was equally important, somehow. I grabbed up every Bible reference in my room, first, Bartlett’s Familiar, because I have an appointment at 1:00, and as always, about things Holy,my time allotted is short. (!!?!!)short! But Bartlett’s index only listed the first half of the verse. Then I went to a Gideon Bible, sure that its quick references cited the Three Tempations: it did not. Time was fleeting. Before I went to at least two Bibles and prowled without a concordance, I thought–the net! In seconds I had the screen up and could see every translation listed except the King James Version. I wanted to hear it as I had heard it all my life. So I entered that version in the search blank, and wow! The King James Version online is free, and full as salvation by Grace! And it read, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

You know how I read that, now? Proceedeth–means coming forth, and to me that means it is happening now, for each of us, and that we can be, if we allow it, become continually guided by the Spirit of God! Amazing! and once more I learned more in two days than I ever expected, by taking this time: first, that the net can look very much like a great open door of tempting distractions. But then the very next morning, I find that the same internet that has all the failures of the world, also has this incredible, accessible Bible with history, commentary, references–and I am rejoicing! It’s my choice which I shall see and ponder and consider. I am full of novelty, and blessed with new things. As my little Chrysalis kids used to say, “Thank you, Jesus!”