Getting it “just right” is my downfall. I can’t make a cup of hazelnut decaf coffee with non-dairy creamer taste “just right” in twenty minutes and more of preparation tries. My little dog Blondie starts jumping at me and whimpering the minute I hit the kitchen for breakfast. She knows if I don’t feed her first, “Miss Perfect-Someday” will take forever on her own meager breakfast. The only “just-right thing” for my coffee is a coffee-yogurt that will not affect my lactose intolerance. However, I am so nearly addicted to that delicious stuff that tastes like coffee ice cream, that I search for alternatives. One I used for years, and could still use with Lactaid milk, is a General Foods Hazelnut iced coffee mix. But even in this mix, it still contains enough powdered real milk, that I have to take a Lactaid pill with it–and that’s a bummer; they cost 9 dollars a bottle at least. Do, “just right ” in trivial matters? It’s what I focus on to ignore my other fault. The nearest thing to avoiding onerous chores is doing them “just right” and that means I take forever. I am just now learning that the only way to compromise and do just enough, is to do “a little bit” of tidying, dish-washing, laundry in a public facility (requires huge loads) organizing of mail and papers, in my three very own rooms in a tiny apartment. Well, since even song writers say that everybody has a heartache of their own, let me explain: Getting small stuff “just right” is a way I avoid thinking about my own griefs of this very year and former years. Maybe I should give them just a little bit of time each day, and stop being so afraid of my sorrow over two lost sons, that I can’t make a good cup of decaf coffee.