Here’s my first lesson in WordPresse’s beginning blogger course.

The Art of Thinking

About 1000 to 5000 words can pour out of my typing fingers on any day I sit down to the computer. Lately they have been about my wonderful reading of great classics of literature, and what I want to tell everyone about them. As someone for whom the love of learning shaped my life from childhood on, and never stopped, I find I have such a trove of lore from all I have experienced in a lifetime as, first, a wife and mother, and later a teacher and scholar and artist,that just my daily writings are looking for a place to find readers. The reading I have done for decades, based on promptings from Ernest Dimnet’s book, “The Art of Thinking,” has been a deliberate quest to choose, based on things that resonate with me, the “next most difficult book I can grasp with any pleasure,” and by thus sharing…

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