I reread these pieces, subject to forgetting they exist, within a few weeks, and so they comfort me when I find them again. One more piece of this life I have treasured, put down in print, to save and to share. Join me; try your hand at it. WordPress.com, which I joined and then put off working with forever, has been a generous host–even though they supply such a forest of instruction and support,that a weary writer must search hard for just one or two trees to suit her work. But that, alas, is the way of the internet, which I have had since Radio Shack played Pacelbell’s sonata, to rainbow lights, on its Tandy 1000 computer, in 1988. The Tandy laptop which I used until I wore it out, cost, back then, $1400.00. Ah the perks of the well-cared for home-maker in the U.S.A. She can write novels and paint pictures, too, and that’s a pretty good deal, when there are loved children to raise at the same time.


Mama and George Washington Could Not Tell a Lie

Yes, here’s to Mama and George Washington, who shared the same trait. They could not tell a lie. So little George, the story goes, admitted cutting down his father’s cherry tree. This also meant, on February 22, Granny always made Mama a birthday cake with cherries and a hatchet on its white frosted surface. Mama, as my book will show, may not have ever told a lie, but if she held a grudge that belied appearances, she finally told the truth, no matter how long it took. I was blessed to hear that last, powerful truth, from her lips.

Right here and right now, life is good, and has more of heaven in it than even I, a devout believer of that gospel, had thought. For I have found at least a handful of my ideal readers for the book I…

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